There is a light that lies ahead!

“Never let the things you cannot do, prevent you from doing the things you can.”-Coach John Wooden

Happy Fourth of July weekend!! It’s been one crazy week for me. From leaving my last bedside nursing shift in a wheel chair puking (so thankful for my work wives who took care of me and marcus who came to get me early), to finding out my next set to improvement is starting IV hydration and IVIG, was a lot to take in all at once. My doctors decided to put me on a work restriction for 8 hours instead of 12 hours to see if that can improve my overall health as well.

Typically when working 12 hour shifts I was drained and exhausted even before my POTS diagnosis. I would walk at least 6-7 miles just in one shift, barely get a break, bending/lifting/standing/turning, that after my body always felt like it was hit by a truck. Since being diagnosed it’s been harder and harder to work full shifts even though I dropped to part time. This has been hard on me since I felt like my career has been taken away from me. I have been a nurse for almost 6 years now and my next goals were to go into critical care and become a MSN nurse educator. While I do believe that could happen in the future I hate that I have to take a step back from that.

While fighting nonstop with my management and then consistently being un-accommodating to me for partial shifts on our floor, I finally was placed on a “light duty” assignment for the next 12 weeks. This assignment is at a dermatology clinic. I am excited to expand my knowledge and learning and move to the outpatient side! Who knows what it has to offer right?

Within these next 12 weeks will be my first dose of IVIG and my last few hydration sessions which have been working great. I believe things are starting to look up and I am opening a new chapter in my life. I think taking this step out of a poorly managed unit and bedside, I can help let my body heal the way it needs to! If anyone has any tips on switching from bedside to outpatient I’d love to hear them :)! I am hoping this is my next step to growth and a happier more positive future! Stay tuned for my updates about IVIG and my first week as a clinic RN!!

“Here’s me getting 3/6 IV hydration fluids. Of course I wore my “drop it like it’s POTS shirt!”

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